Bible and Integrity

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Discussion on Integrity
May 3, 2013

Discussion on Integrity1

Integrity is a word that means truth, honor, trust. The dictionary defines integrity as “a firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values, or incorruptibility; incapable of being bribed or morally corrupted.” In the Bible, Integrity in the New Testament means “honesty and adherence to a pattern of good works.” If everyone had integrity contracts would never be needed, handshakes would suffice. There was a day when a handshake was a person’s promise to agree on a deal. A handshake was a person’s word. A person’s word was his/her promise or agreement. The agreement was the contract. The promise was agreed upon with a simple handshake, not a written contract that has to be notarized and signed by both parties. There was a day when a person’s word was his/her honor. There was a day where a person was true to his/her word. Then there came a period of time when people were suing over hot coffee and icy sidewalks in the winter. Now trust went out the window. The handshake was based on trusting each other. It was much easier to do business on a handshake. Now the contract s has to be drawn up by lawyers and reviewed by more lawyers. Lawyers cost money and time is money. It takes time to get a contract finalized. But, when individual responsibility and integrity was not upheld, then everyone stopped trusting each other and the handshake was not allowed. For a person to have integrity they must first have creditability. Creditability means they will fulfill their promise to do something.

Discussion on Integrity2

The author grew up in a community where handshakes were very common, however it slowly faded away. Integrity then was when people were true to their word. True men and women of integrity are rare. Looking for people of integrity in our generation could be compared to “searching for a needle in a haystack.” A person is as good as his/her...
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