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For these assignments, you will write a 150–170 word summary for 5 books from the Old Testament and 5 books from the New Testament. You may select which five books to summarize, but must include at least one book per genre in the following fashion:

1.Old Testament: Must include at least one narrative, law, prophecy, and wisdom book.

2.New Testament: Must include at least one gospel, narrative, epistle, and apocalyptic book.

Since a sample of Genesis has been provided in the Summary Template do not include this book in the OT Project. Summaries that are not 150–170 words in length will be penalized. Also, short summaries may have additional points reduced for lack of complete information.

In each of the summaries, identify the following four characteristics:

1.The Basic Genre (Please identify the genre in the first sentence of your summary.) 2.Key Themes/Purposes identified
3.Major Events and personalities for narrative, law, gospel, and narrative 4.Major issues/concerns addressed in prophecy, wisdom books, epistles, and apocalyptic

Use your textbooks as you identify each of the four characteristics in the summaries. Remember, the Fee textbook explains how to identify and interpret genre. Additionally, a study Bible will be a great tool to help you craft your summaries. However, you will want to paraphrase the data into your own words to avoid plagiarism and course failure.

You will submit your summaries in two stages:
Module/Week 6 – Submit the summaries for your Old Testament Books •Module/Week 8 – Submit the summaries for your New Testament Books

Formatting Guidelines:
Order your summaries according to the order they appear in Scripture. •Use one Word document for each stage of submission (That is, all of your OT project will be on one document and all of your NT will be on one document). •Use 12 point, Times New Roman font.

Save your document according to the...
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