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Running Head: Compare & Contrast of Biblical and Professional views on counseling


The purpose of this paper is to compare and contrast biblical views of counseling with those of professional views of counseling. Counseling has always been view from a professional perspective, and the biblical perspective has never been of interest until now. Many don’t see how the bible provides the foundation for professional counseling. The two worlds intertwine together to give the client mind, body, and soul to become whole again. Through the research study it will be found how biblical views of counseling relate to professional views of counseling. The study will give professional counseling’s the ability to incorporate biblical interventions with their clients.

Compare & Contrast of Biblical and Professional views on counseling In the past counseling methods, tools, and interventions have been based on a professional view of counseling. In today’s society counseling approach is being demonstrated outside of private offices. Counseling can be seen through biblical theology as it relates to understanding the individual as a whole. This paper will describe biblical and professional approaches to counseling. Through the use of a word study, compare and contrast of the two methods, and personal reflection we will see how the two views are alike but yet so different.

Biblical Words Related to Counseling
The word study was conducted through the use of various bible tools such as dictionaries, concordance, and commentaries. The researcher picked five words that are used in counseling to examine their origin, and usage in the Bible. Upon finding the words the researcher then used a concordance along with a dictionary to obtain their definition. The commentary allowed the research insight to a particular Bible scripture where the term is used. The researcher finally reads through scriptures and discovers how the words are use throughout the Old and New Testaments.

The researcher studied words such as counsel, advice, purpose, instruction, and help. The key theme reappearing was to look to God and through him you will find yourself. Through scripture God betrays his story and how he overcame trails and tribulations. The scriptures portrayed how counseling was used back then compared to today’s world.

The word purpose in the biblical setting means give counsel, deliberate, and determination. It is deviated from the Hebrew noun yaas which is illustrated in the Old Testament. In Greek language the word is boule that is illustrated in the New Testament. Purpose occurs thirty-six times in thirty-five verses in the King James Version of the bible. It is translated eight times through the Bible. Purpose relates to giving advice, or counsel to someone or for one’s own self. Old Testament Usage

“Health can be experienced in relationships with God and others; health involves a willingness to change; and health is a choice” (Long, M. 2004) Throughout the Old Testament the stories reveal God’s will and how one should live according. In Psalm 119 it states, “Walk according to the law of the lord” (Richards, L, 1991). In dealing with trails and tribulations in life one must follow in God’s laws and be obedient to his will. Psalms 119 continues to state to allow God to shine in your heart, spirit, and trust only in his word to be just and true.

Psalms is not the only story that portals of God’s purpose and power in Exodus (9:16) God states that he raised us up to show us the power he has, and to honor his name throughout earth. It is important when God test us to see how loyal we are to him and showing us our flaws to be committed to him. In this testament God is being revealed to everyone, from what he can do and how he plans on doing it. “God stands in the center of history as one who acts;...

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