biblical worldview essay

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Biblical Worldview Essay on Romans 1-8

Bible 110-D27 New Testament Survey

Spring 2013 Term B & D

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Romans is a book in the New Testament that’s was written by the Apostle Paul, somewhere around the winter 56 57 AD from the city of Corinth. The Christians was addressed and living under the reign of Nero. The Orthdox Church and (the Roman Catholics) credits Peter as founding the church in around 42 AD. ( Towns 2012, 130-131 ) There were an estimated 4 million inhabitants in Rome during this period of history. Nero himself was know for his cruelty and excessive life style he was also consider a lunatic.

In this essay will explore teachings of Romans 1-8 and what it has to say about the natural world, human identity, human relationships and culture.

The Natural World

Romans states God created the world (Romans 1:20). Gods people the humankind race chose to turn away from him and resent him and to worship false idols, embrace sin, and deserve death. The problem that Paul reconizes with the Natural Word is that they have chosen to worship the created things rather than the one who created them (Romans 1:20). Paul states in the origin of the fall of the natural world. “ Just as sin entered in this world through one man, death came through sin, because all have sinned”. (Romans 5:12) Abraham states that all the nations came into existence and salvation is available to all who believe in Christ...
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