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Some of the most significant similarities between Mark and Matthew are that they both believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Another similarities found in both Gospels would be the use of parables told by Jesus and similar stories about Jesus for example; Jesus baptism, Jesus healings, and Jesus stilling of the storm, "Jesus burial and the woman discovering of the empty tomb" (Harris pg 174.) and Pilate's condemnation of Jesus. Lastly, two more similiares both Gospels have in common is the fact Gospels writers stay anonymous and both Gospels believe that Jesus doesn't know when God is coming back. One significant difference found in Matthew and Mark is how they wrote their Gospels. Mathew mentions in the beginning of his Gospel the generational line where Jesus comes from and connects his Gospel with the New Testament and Mark doesn't mention that. Another difference would be how Mark writes in urgency by using the word "immediately" and Mathew doesn't. In addition to what was previously said Mark focuses more on exorcism that Jesus performed but in Mathew he focuses more on the teachings of Jesus and how he interpreted the Mosaic Law. Also Mathew mentions in his Gospel three post resurrection appearances and Mark only mentions one. Lastly, Mathew ends his Gospel by saying that Jesus came back to earth and gave the disciples instructions and then ascended to heaven. But, in Mark's Gospel an angel appears unto Mary Magdalene and Mary of James and told them that Jesus was resurrectured and goes tell the disciples but they were to scare to. The second difference between Mathew and Mark is there themes. Mathew focuses more on, Jesus fulfilling the old covenant established in the Hebrew Bible and Jesus being the "ultimate teacher and interpreter of Mosaic Torah". But on the other hand, Mark's theme is that there is a hidden messianic secret that won't be understood until Jesus has suffered and been resurrected. Also Matthew feels that Jesus family and disciples do...
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