Topics: Voting, Voting system, Elections Pages: 2 (783 words) Published: April 6, 2015
Case study:
In an election in a small town an Election Official provides a Registration Clerk with a Registration List of all the individual registered in the town to vot.  As well the Election Official provides an Election Scrutineer with a set of official election policies and procedures.  Voters enter the voting location and register with the Registration Clerk.  The Registration Clerk asks the voters for their name and address and checks if they are eligible to vote.  If they are the clerk crosses their name off the registration list and provides the voter with a voting ballot.  The voter then goes to a private booth to complete the ballot.  When completed they deposit the vote in the ballot box.  After the voting period is over (usually one day) the Registration Clerk closes the voting location and provides the list of who has voted to the Election Official.  When the voting is finished the votes are taken out of the ballot box by the Counting Clerk and carefully checked for validity.  Ballots that are not completed correctly are marked as invalid (also called "donkey votes") and ignored.  The Counting Clerk now manually counts the votes in groups of fifty, this is so the votes can be recounted easily.  After counting each group of fifty, the Counting Clerk records the total on a piece of paper, to be kept with the group of votes, and enters the details into a spreadsheet on a personal computer.  The Counting Clerk repeats this until all votes are counted.  At the completion of counting the Counting Clerk saves the spreadsheet and provides the results to the Election Official who ordered the election (on a CD-ROM).  The whole process is scrutinised (that means watched over or checked) by an Election Ccrutineer.  Their job is to determine that the election is undertaken honestly and fairly following the required guidelines, policies, and procedures provided by the Election Official.  At the end of the election the Election Scrutineer provides a verdict to...
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