Bonnie and Clyde - Bad Image Given to Audience

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Bonnie and Clyde

Glamorizing characters such as Bonnie and Clyde can indeed send a very dangerous message to viewers. Sadly in today's society, most role models for young children and even adults have become the characters that are being portrayed in popular movies and television shows. People look up to these individuals, admire them, and inspire to be like them. In instances where the actors on screen are playing the "cool" yet bad guy, it can give a very harsh and mixed signal to the audience. Throughout the film Bonnie and Clyde, the two main characters portray the idea of robbing banks as something sexy and thrilling. While robbing the banks in the movie, they made it seem easy and fun. They also seemed adventurous and spontaneous. They made it look effortless and easy, and at times even justified. Some might even see them as brave and courageous for doing something like that. Although they had killed people along the way throughout the movie, the audience never really got to see the aftermath of their actions. They left town after town, moving on as if nothing had ever happened until the end. The reason why there is a problem with movies like this is because it leaves the audience with a sense of false reality. In today's age, robbing a bank is not seen as something cool, nor is it something you could easily get away with. Another example of a movie/television show that has shown as a bad role model would be Jackass. Kids across the nation tune in to watch idiots run themselves into street signs, allow themselves to get attacked my dangerous animals, and shoot each other with objects/weapons. While these people may be so called "professionals", these acts allow teenagers to believe they can do such things as them. It's movies such as these and countless more that give the false image of reality, which allow violence, murder, and robbery to be seen a cool and exciting, not for what they actually are.
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