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Book Review of
Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament
by Christopher J.H. Wright

Submitted to DR. Alvin Thompson As Partial Requirement of
Old Testament Survey – OBST 515

Name of Student: John Santiago
Student ID: L24473755
Class: OBST 515-D01
Instructor’s Name: DR. Alvin Thompson
Date Submitted: 11/18/2014
Christopher J. H. Wright, amongst other endeavors, serves as director of Langham Partnership International whose mission is “Nurturing national movements for biblical preaching, (Langham Preaching).”1 Essential in Wright’s efforts where writing, “Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament,”2 is assisting probable readers with a an insightful way of understanding what constitutes a right relationship, not only with Christ but with His relationship to the Old Testament as well. This review will give a concise evaluation and assessment of, “Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament,”3 this with a most insightful collaboration of the most important theological perspectives Wright presents us in this book. We will conclude our review with insight into what we can expect to garner from the book and a conclusion of personal annotations and statement of use. Summary

Wright’s use of the Book of Matthew is compelling. Wright show us how Jesus completes the Old Testament, he also expresses Jesus as the “fulfillment of promises made by God,”4 Jesus’s commitment to His Father as well as to humanity as the Son of Man, all the while being obedient to God the Father. Jesus, the epitome of modeling the agreement and obedience with God, Wright assists the reader in understanding the division, then subdivision of the book of Matthew and its genealogy of the house of David of which Jesus is descendant. Wright within the pages of “Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament,”5 uncovers patterns that arise such as Jesus’ genealogy, it being clear from Abraham to David, Christ is not only a descendant but also Messiah. Yet another aspect of Wrights direction within the book is the meaning and implication of Gods promise given us through the covenants of the Old Testament and the sometime circumlocutory understanding therein. Jesus’ identity is crucial; Wright draws equivalence within the relationship of God in Christ and marks highpoints between these relationships for us to understand. Wrights suggests, “A prediction is a fairly flat affair…”6 and “…It comes true or it doesn’t… A promise is different because it involves personal relationship and commitment.”7 Christ’ assignment, Wright suggests, is just as indispensable and significant as His historicity. Jesus’ ministry poignantly discloses Christ mission as both redeemer and saviour not just to the chosen but also to the gentiles. These expressed through His titles,” Son of Man,” found in the book of Daniel 7 and 8, and that of the “Servant of the Lord,” found in the book of, (Isaiah 49:1). Wright also does a good service to the reader by spelling out for us the relationship and promise of and the differences between, “the covenants with Noah... Abraham... the Sinai covenant... David and our new covenant.”8 As we find ourselves nearing the end of Wright’s book, we begin to get the understanding; it was through Jesus’ physical relationship with the Old Testament follower that ultimately shaped their understanding of the interpretation of today’s scripture and new Covenant. Wright points out, “Jesus teaches key themes of God...”9 Finally, Wright’s book stimulates conversation in relationship to how, “Christ’s values were formulated while performing His priorities.”10 Jesus’ “spiritual loyalty to God”11 is well documented within the pages of Wrights book. Chapter five includes “Jesus’... Old Testament Values,”12 indicating what is meant by the scriptural references therein and how they should be implemented. Stanley M. Horton’s “Knowing Jesus through the Old Testament”13...

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