Book Review of Share Jesus without Fear

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William Fay graduated in 1987 from Denver Seminary. He has shared his faith with more than twenty-five thousand people face to face, one on one. He travels around the world teaching them his approach to evangelism. Before following Christ he was CEO of a multimillion dollar organization that he claims was involved in a plethora of illegal activities. Content

In Share Jesus Without Fear, William Fay presents us with seemingly a very simple, easy way to share the Gospel with non-believers, making it possible for anyone to be an evangelist, regardless of how intimidating a task it may seem. He spends the first few chapters addressing the reader’s fears and the successes of his methods. Then he goes into detail about the method itself.

Sharing Jesus with no fear requires a three step process. The first step is to ask five questions that are designed to get a foot in the door. The presumption is that with these five questions anyone can turn any conversation into an opportunity to spread the word about Jesus Christ and what He has done. The Questions are; “Do you have any kind of spiritual belief?” “To you, who is Jesus?” “Do you think there is a heaven or a hell?” “If you die tonight, where would you go? If heaven, why?” “By the way, if what you were believing is not true, would you want to know?” (pg. 146) The idea of these questions is to turn the conversation and the mind of the person who is being asked to things eternal, so that the conversation can go into the realm of the spiritual.

After the topic is brought up in conversation and the asker begins to field the five questions they are supposed to ask, “May I share some Scripture with you?” at which point they go into the seven scriptures that can change a person’s life. One of the keys to this method is silence. The person asking questions is not supposed to argue with the non-believer. In order to accomplish that it is a lot of listening and silence, and asking questions. The asker...
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