"Books Are Good for Children." 

Topics: Television, Question, Reality television Pages: 2 (517 words) Published: April 29, 2013
"Books are good for children."  "TV is bad for children." Everyone seems to agree with these statements. Well, my name is Lucas Salvatore and today I’m going to talk about how TV really differs from reading a book. My presentation will cover 3 main points:

* How watching TV and reading a book differs on young children. * What conclusions can be obtained.
* My personal opinion.
Let me begin with my first point. Firstly, I would like to agree that television does play a very important role in our lives nowadays and that people who watch TV learn several things from it. But the problem with children is not what they watch, the problem goes even deeper. The Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) carried out a study on toddlers and preschoolers in which they observed how mothers and children read books and watched a TV program together. They found out that TV viewing suppressed both the amount and quality of mother-child communication. Moms made relatively few comments to their children while watching the program and when they did speak, their comments were unrelated to what their child said, and thereby creating an unproductive exchange that could worsen the child's opportunity of learning. On the other hand, moms who read books to their children not only talked more but also used a very high-quality form of communication that included asking questions, labeling objects and clarifying their child's doubts with relevant information.  With these results in mind I would like to move to my second aspect. Let us consider a child who spends most of the day watching TV.  From what I said, the problem is not necessarily what content shows, either good or bad, the real problem is what the child has experienced. Young children who watch lots of TV may be missing out on crucial interactions with parents during a vital point in their development.  Parent-child interaction, even with children who can't yet speak, is extremely important to the children's healthy...
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