Bosch Comparison of Gospel of Matthew and Luke-Acts

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Gospel of Matthew: Discipleship Model
The gospel of Matthew’s overarching theme can be summarized in the Great Commission, Matthew 28:16-20. It is for the Jewish Christian Community that Matthew writes his gospel. His goal is to assist with the development of a missionary culture that will match the challenges of his community and he uses his gospel as a vehicle to accomplish his goal. (Bosch: 59)

Matthew, through his gospel, suggests that the differences between the Pharisaic Jews and the Jewish Christians could be bridged through missions to the Gentiles. He desired for his community to transition from a sectarian view to an inclusive one. (Bosch: 60) In Matthew’s opinion, a missionary community was one that understood itself as being different from the community in which it lived but also commuted to changing that community for the better. (Bosch: 84) Matthew used the key concepts of the Great Commission as a tool to assist his readers with self-identity and to attempt to bridge the gap between the Jewish Christians and the legalistic Pharisees of the time. The important concepts found in the Gospel of Matthew were “the reign of God, Gods will, justice, commandments, the challenge to be perfect, to surpass or excel, to observe or keep, to bear fruit and to teach.” Matthew’s gospel focuses on these key concepts; which could also be called key attributes of an individual who wants to follow Christ. Matthew used the parables of Jesus, Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and very specific language to reinforce his viewpoint of mission. According to Bosch, in surveying the Gospel of Matthew there is no “universal theme” with regard to missions; however, he did believe that in order for Christians to find out who they really are they must be involved in missions by sharing the gospel with others. (Bosch: 84) Luke-Acts: Forgiveness and Solidarity

Although Luke was a Gentile, his focus was on the Jewish Christians and the relationship between...

Bibliography: Bosch, David J. Transforming Mission: Paradigm Shifts in Theology of Mission. Maryknoll, New York: Orbis Books, 2011.
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