Brick Lane

Topics: Multiculturalism, Protagonist, Woman Pages: 2 (546 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Analyse of Brick Lane
“Brick Lane”, written by Monica Ali, is the story about Nazneen, a young Bangladeshi woman living in Brick Lane, London. Nazneen was given into an arranged marriage to a lower middle class man, almost triple her age. Nazneen struggles to find her voice in the British society, and faces several multicultural difficulties. I find the main character’s role in the story to be very interesting. Therefore I will analyse the main character and some of the multicultural differences she faces, as well as the theme a woman’s role in an immigrant society. To begin with, I will give a short summary. Nazneen, the main character, is given to Chanu throughout an arranged marriage set by her father in Bangladesh. She has a sister, Hanisa, but she has run away from home because of she wants to live her life without being ruled by her father’s decisions. Chanu, Nazneen’s husband has for the past two decades lived in Brick Lane, an area in London with 33 % of UK’s Bangladeshi population. Multiculturalism can be visibly seen here in this area, where Chanu and Nazneen live. The main character, Nazneen, is a young adult living with her husband, Chanu. She lives her life as it was decided by fate. It was fate that brought Chanu to her, and it was fate that brought her to London. She is unemployed and spends most of her time alone in the house with all of the furniture’s the couple have. Nazneen’s life compared to her sister, Hasina, is quite different. In contrast to Nazneen, who let fate decide her life, Hasina chose not to let fate decide her life, and at the same time not to obey her father. Despite Nazneen’s life seems to be a dream comes true for a girl in her class, she struggles to integrate into British language and culture. The language can be seen as the main problem for Nazneen, since her vocabulary only consists of three words: “Sorry”, and “thank you”. This causes a major problem in a multicultural society. It will be for example harder to be...
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