Bulling at School

Topics: Bullying, Abuse, Victim Pages: 2 (561 words) Published: April 4, 2013
Bullying at school

Bullying is a big problem in the school here in Norway, and in many others country. Bullying is old phenomenon’s that have been seen in countries around the hold world, from USA to New Zealand, and Europa to South Africa.

Yesterday, I herd a story about one called Johnny. He was treated like a human plaything for his classmates. They took his money, forced him to swallow weed, and milk mixed whit soap, they beated him up in the classroom and tied a string around his neck, leading him around as a pet.

Bullying is when a person or a grope repeatedly exposed to negative action on one or more students. In Scandinavia, studies shows that its 15% at the age between 7 and 16 that are bullies or victims. 7% are the victims and 9% are bullies. In perspective its low, and in Britain its 27% bullies and victims. Passed the 10-15 years the level of bullying has raised, a lot.

The same studies shows that 35- 40% of the bullies from 13-16 age been registered in at least tree crimes of a age of 24. This shows that bullies are changing form bullies to criminal. If we then could stop them, the crime-level would also go down.

So why is bullying have to be stopped? It has to be stopped, because bullying can be to much sore some persons. A friend of me in Oslo have a friend that jumped of a roof, because of this, today, this friend is on the hospital in Oslo. She can’t speak, or move.

I know that bullying can be stopped, not like the whole phenomenon, but at individual level. In Norway have we something called “fritt skolevalg” (free chose of school). That is that the students can chose which school they want to go at. If a student have been bullied a while on infant school, they can switch school if they want so. To switch school, can be hard, so it’s best to do it between infant school and primary school. Then they can chose to get away from these bullies. That some of the other parties in Norway like “Arbeiderpartiet” want to have all the...
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