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God the Father and Christ Review

These are not all of the questions but if you know these you should do well. Please read the Lecture on the names of God and be able to identify God’s names.

1. How many prophecies were fulfilled on the day of Christ’s crucifixion?

2. What is the statistical likelihood that just 8 Old Testament Prophecies about Christ would be fulfilled in a person?

3. Give three prophecies that Christ gave about himself that have already come true?

4. As noted in class, the book of Daniel prophesied the exact date that Christ would be on the earth. What popular day on the church calendar do some scholars believe was the day prophesied in Daniel 9:25?

5. In what way did Christ fulfill the typology of the “Sign of Jonah?”

6. Give four benefits of growing in the Knowledge of God?

7. What verse in Genesis gives the first possible prophecy of the resurrection?

8. Know the Characteristics of God and be able to identify them through scripture

9. Know the Names of God and be able to identify them (mostly in multiple choice on exam)

10. Give a definition of General Revelation

11. Site two aspects of General Revelation and how it proves that there is a God

12. Give a definition of Specific Revelation.

13. Give 4 different types of Specific Revelation.

14. Describe Natural Law and give a scripture reference to support it? What ways do we see natural law operating in our societies?

15. Briefly give and explain three historical evidences for the resurrection of Christ.

16. Know what a Theophany is and be able to identify them

17. Know the types of Christ in the Old Testament and be able to list at least five examples of as seen in the notes

18. Briefly describe the Doctrine of the Sufficiency of Scripture and give a verse to support it.

True or False Questions

19. In Genesis the Bible defends God’s existence.

20. General Revelation explains the gospel and can lead people to salvation.

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