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Julius Swolsky
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Professor Gibson
October 21, 2013
Social Media impacts Business Positively
Even though misused by younger generations, social media has had an overall impact on business. Social media has had a huge impact on the inner workings of companies and their relationships with employees. Regarding to marketing and retail, Social Media has enabled companies to use to methods to promote and sell products to customers. Social Media has also caused a positive result in the ways people can network and build international relationships.

Throughout the last decade companies have made major changes in how they conduct the inner workings of their business, and social media has helped this process become more efficient. Companies can now obtain what seems to reliable information about individuals when deciding who to hire for new employment positions. Business, thanks to social media, can easily gain feedback about their goods and service by interaction with the public on the web. Now, owners of businesses can interact to employs by social media and send out memos quickly. Being able to interact and obtain information with much more capably has the potential to cut cost for the company.

Social Media has allowed for a new method of advertisement that can be seen by many people worldwide. Facebook has now let businesses market new products to a slew of potential customers from around the world in the matter of minutes. Knowing that almost 900 million people are on Facebook a month, companies have better chances of find old customers, and discovering new ones as well. Customers now can promote and market products by spreading the world of a product to their friends on their own profiles. Furthermore companies now can have global marking easier, and gain a following from foreign countries. Sites such as Facebook have made it much easier for a business to expand to a variety of people that may have not had knowledge on a...
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