Cache Unit 1

Topics: High school, Learning, The Child Pages: 2 (4716 words) Published: April 24, 2013
Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children
E1 – Describe three different types of settings which provide care and education for children in your area. This must include one example from * Statutory sector
* Voluntary sector
* Private sector
E2 – Describe how each of the types of settings identifies in E1 aims to support children and their people. There are many services available to parents with young children. These services provide care and education. These services divide in too three main sections, Private provision, Voluntary provisions and statutory provisions. There are many off these provisions available in different areas with many options in each category to choose from. An example of a Private provision would be a private nursery or school, also a crèche or a nanny. A statutory provision would be children’s centre, foster care or a state primary or secondary school. An example of a voluntary provision would be, play school or an after school club. Gateway primary school is a primary school in the statutory sector. ‘These are services that have to be available by law, i.e. legislation has been passed which requires either the government or local authorities to provide them.’ (Tassoni 2007: 3) The provision of care and education available from the school is education and care for the child between nine and three. There are also after school and before school activities provide outside of school time. It aims to support the children by providing them with education. It builds in their understanding of social behaviour as they are around people all the time but also provide them with an education which is compulsory. Gateway aims to support families by having regular parents evening and making phone calls home to parents to inform them off their child’s behaviour and progress. Dean Close is an example of a private school, it is also a day and boarding school. ‘A school supported by a private organization or private individuals rather...
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