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Topics: Culture, Mexican American, Multiculturalism Pages: 4 (1207 words) Published: January 26, 2013
Case Study

Liberty University

Multicultural Issues in Human Services – HSER 509

Dr. Katz

December 2, 2012


In this case study I will explore certain possible dynamics related to culture and ethnicity that have been reported in relation to the psychology of Mexican Americans as well as other immigrant communities. Cristal is a 16-year-old Mexican American female. Cristal seems to be experiencing some distress in her life, which seems to stem from cultural conflict rather than inherent psychopathology. Cristal is struggling with the question of whether she should stay home and care for her mother and family or if she should go away to college. She feels that others don’t understand her. This type of thought pattern is frequently observed within immigrant families, it is called, “intergenerational conflict between parents and children over retention of traditional values and ways as opposed to acculturation to “White European” American values”, (Diller, 2011). CHARACTERISTICS

When working with Cristal I would expect to have some similar values as her although our cultures and backgrounds are different. Some similarities that I see us having are the desire of wanting to go away to college. When I was in high school I wanted to leave my family (not because I didn’t love them) to gain independence that going away to college would allow me to do. I feel that Cristal has this same desire, however, her culture views that by her leaving she is leaving or abandoning her family. It is normal to have that desire when you are in high school. This is especially true for Cristal who was born in America, but has a family that holds on strong to their Mexican American roots. Cristal’s desires have been strongly influenced by here growing up in America, by her peers, media, and the desire to take on typical American styles and values that normally conflict with traditional family...

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