Canada: a Multicultural Identity

Topics: Culture, Canada, Multiculturalism Pages: 2 (543 words) Published: January 16, 2006
Should the Canadian immigration policy be revised to restrict the number and type of immigrants coming into the nation?

Immigration is defined as the act of coming into a foreign country or region to live. Immigration has been a constant factor in Canada for many years. Even before Trudeau's policy of multiculturalism in 1971 Canada had been a multicultural nation complete with French, English, and Aboriginal peoples. For the last century immigration has been contributing to multiculturalism. Canada's immigration policy and multiculturalism it has formed is beneficial to Canadian identity, economy, and diversity therefore, the policy should not be revised

Multiculturalism is defined as a government policy recognizing and promoting the various cultural groups that live in Canada. Most of Canada's multiculturalism is due to the amount and type of immigrants coming into the nation. Multiculturalism in Canada contributes and establishes our identity. Our diverse society represents our distinctiveness and recognizes our differences from other countries; it is the basis of our Canadian identity. If the amount and type of immigrants were to be restricted Canadian society would be greatly affected and Canadian identity would diminish. The immigration policy should not be revised because it would drastically affect our Canadian identity.

The Immigration Act of 1978 allowed immigrants into the country who were beneficial to Canada. The act outlined Canada's rules and objectives regarding immigrants allowed into the county. It created a strict point system; the system favored immigrants who were highly educated, skilled workers and entrepreneurs with money, knowledge and expertise. The amount of immigrants allowed into the country who obtained this criteria affected Canada's development and growth significantly. As more and more immigrants came into the country, the population increased. As the population increased it created more employment, industries and...
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