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Topics: Multiculturalism, Education, Culture Pages: 4 (1522 words) Published: June 18, 2013
What kind of vision would you want to develop at Johnson School that would promote sensitivity to the diversity of learners and their needs? The kind of vision that I would develop at Johnson School to promote sensitivity to the diversity of learners and their needs would center upon creating a society of learners where students are being constantly challenged and presented with opportunities to excel in areas that may be problematic. I would create a vision where teachers challenged students to be their best on a daily basis. I believe in creating opportunities for students with the greatest struggles to be given the same opportunities both academically and socially as their more privileged peers. Teachers should be facilitators of learning opportunities for students and students should gain the meaningful experience for growth and progress. Unfortunately at Johnson School, there were different factors that negatively affected the success of culturally diverse students. The school’s atmosphere and overall attitudes toward diversity, lack of involvement from the community, and lack of a multicultural curriculum. In order to create a multicultural vision that focuses upon addressing the different aptitude levels, schools must foster a culturally sensitive environment that caters to the cultural and academic differences. This can be done through designing lessons that motivate all students to learn, and implementing those lessons using differentiated instructional strategies to maximize student learning. Research has found that students who feel they have supportive, caring teachers are more motivated to engage in academic work than students with unsupportive, uncaring teachers.

How would you describe the current culture at Johnson School in terms of multiculturalism and what kind of culture would you promote? The current culture at Johnson School in terms of multiculturalism is very poor. There is a lack of community involvement and lack of promoting...
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