Case Study: A Fictitious Individual in a Crisis Situation

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God Chart and Case Study Essay
Audrey Demuth
Grand Canyon University
HTH 359 Jesus and His Interpreters

This Case Study is based on a fictitious individual in a crisis situation. This person is male in gender, 51, who struggles with the disease of alcoholism. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida traveling back and forth from his mother’s residence to his ex-wife’s residence. We will call him Fred. Fred works part time at a job he dreads. He believes that he does not have the requirements to be able to change jobs because of his lack of education along with low self-esteem. Fred from time to time will discuss business that are hiring with excitement and intentions to fill out the applications. However, his action does not move past the intention.

Fred has a limited support system due to the fact of pushing people away from fear of not being liked if individuals knew the real Fred. Fred prefers to isolate, however, recently he has taken the risk to reach out to the fellowship of alcoholics anonymous.

Fred has a spiritual condition that can only be dealt with through a relationship with God. He has tried plenty of self-help groups and books, however, until he had the courage to reach out to AA, he did not have a chance. Fred is currently learning how to have a relationship with God in AA. Fred excludes himself from church because of the outbursts of anger and bad behavior he displayed toward leadership. Fred views himself as a victim disregarding his part in all the decisions that he has made in situations. Fred’s anger issues causes him to lash out on others verbally abusing them.

HTH 359
Image of God Chart and Essay
In order to completely understand the doctrine of human nature, sin, and grace in terms of the Image of God, students of the Bible should be able to explain how the Image of God is reflected in human nature. 1)You will need a Bible to complete this assignment.

2)While APA format is not required for the body of Part I of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected and in-text citations and references should be presented using APA documentation guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. 3)Submit Parts I and II of this assignment to instructor by the end of Module 6. 1)

Part I- Chart
To understand this concept, complete the chart below by filling in the missing portions of the chart. See the example provided to assist you: Note that in the context of theology, the word “man” does not refer to gender but to a broader term such as “humanity.”

Attributes of God
Partially Present in Man
Bible Passage(s).Image of GodHuman NatureEffects of SinDefine God’s Grace as it Relates to Each Attribute COMMUNICABLE ATTRIBUTES
God’s love: Deut 4:37; Psalm 11:7; John 3:16; John 15:9; John 15:13; Romans 5:5; Romans 5:8

Man’s love: Genesis 22:2; Genesis 29:20; Genesis 37:3; 1 Samuel 18:1; Psalm 4:2; Psalm 18:1God’s love according to God is unconditional love; perfect and unselfish. His love benefits all creation. Love according to man is conditional; can be sexual; can be about friendship; tends to be self-centered; human-centered.Because of sin, man cannot love unconditionally, but selfishly and on a temporal level. God showed His grace upon man by sending His son to die for the sins of man. He showed the ultimate example of love by dying for our sins. Through Christ, man can know the love of God and therefore, love others unselfishly. God’s Justice:

Proverbs 21:15, Amos 5:24, Romans 12:19, Romans 13:4,Luke 6:37

Man’s Justice:
Micah 6:8 , God’s Justice-
Righteous, Holy and JustifiedMan craves justice except toward himself.Sin has flawed man’s concept of justice. It is not a righteous justice. God is the true and only judge who is sinless and holy. God’s Truth:

2 Timothy 2:15,1 Timothy 3:15,

Man’s truth: Ephesians, 4:14,...

PsychologIA. 2013 Special Edition, Vol. 21 Issue 3-S, p54-61. 8p
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