Cause & Effect Essay

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Cause and Effect Outline

Thesis sentence: Super delegates are the high archy of the National Democratic Party.

I. The super delegates are made up of individuals.
A. All former and present Presidents, Governors, Congressmen, and Senators. B. Approximately 20% of all the top men and women in the Democratic Party. C. A small amount of volunteer workers are also delegated.

II. Why do the super delegates exist?
A. The Democratic Party wanted to make sure that the American people would not elect someone who they thought was not right for the party or America.

Cause and Effect Essay

Super delegates are the hierarchy of the National Democratic Party. They came

into being after the 1968 Democratic National Convention. Because the party wanted to

make sure the peoples votes were the main goal and not the leaders of the party

(Wikipedia). Their effects on the 2008 election will almost certainly declare a

nominee, even though this is not how the party wanted it to happen. It takes 2025

delegates to get the Democratic Nomination ( The two main

candidates in this election will not reach that number. This is where the super delegates

step in and use their power to elect the person they believe will have the best chance to

win and do what is best for the party.

The super delegates are comprised of 100% of the democratic congressmen,

all democratic Governors, former Presidents, all state and national party chairs. Each state

is also given a few freebees that they can give this power to, as it helps in getting people

to volunteer with the campaigning. The list is quite enormous; super delegates make up

around 20% of the entire Democratic National Committee (

The main reason super delegates exist is to make sure the people’s vote was the

main goal and not that of the party...

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