Causes of the Islamic Revolution of 1979

Topics: Jesus, New Testament, Christianity Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: December 6, 2012
New Testament| The sacred documentation of the life of Jesus as a prophet and his death which consists of the four gospels, The Acts of the Apostles, the 21-epistles and the book of Revalations| Gospels| The four books that consist of the teachings and the life of Jesus (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) | Acts of the Apostles| A book of the New Testament which talks about the development of the Christian Church, the asenction of Christ, and Paul's sojurn at Rome| Epistles of Paul| The thirteen books of the New Testament which were all named after St.Paul, who wrote the books. They were all letters to the early members of the Christian Faith| General Epistles| Five new testament epistiles (James I&II, John I, Peter, and Jude) which were addressed to the Christian church in general as opposed to smaller groups within the church| Apocalypse| The last book of the bible, Revalations, which talkes about the second coming of Jesus an the end of the world| Sadducees| A member of a Jewish sect that denied the resurrection of the dead, the existence of spirits, and the obligation of oral tradition, emphasizing acceptance of the written Law alone.| Pharisees| A Jewish sect which opposed the Sadducees, who believed in the ressuetion of a Messiah along with life after death| Essenes| a member of an ascetic sect that flourished in Palestine from the second century bc to the second century ad, living in strictly organized communities| Mary the Mother of Jesus| The mother of Jesus who was bethrothed but not yet married to her husband, who gave birth to Jesus while she was a virgin| Sermon on the Mount| The summary of Jesus' basic principles recorded in the Gospel of Matthew. The sermon consisted of the beautitudes, antithesis, and the Lord's Prayer| beatitudes| The opening part of the Sermon on the Mount, which talks about the people who are blessed, such as the poor in spirit, the meek, the merciful, the pure in heart, and the peaceful|...
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