Celebrity Influence Over Philippine Political Elections

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The claim for power has been more frustrating than any other competition that humans may conceive. From that lowest postion up to the highest, we can say that credentials and the ability to lead are qualities that are not even enough to supplement our passion to be in position. This phenomenon has led these contenders to resort into a new tactic, the use of celebrity influence into the picture.

The global community took this as an interesting approach.
One great example of massive use of celebrity endorsements during elections is the Presidential Elections of the United States of America where re-electionist Barrack Obama from the Democratic Party used the famous host and network owner, Oprah Winfrey. Apart from that, he also used the famous singer, Madonna to endorse him in this claim for power. That scheme didn’t disappoint him. Obama won the elections.

In the Philippines, celebrities and TV personalities are often considered and revered as gods and goddesses; idols that are a big part of a commoner’s everyday life. Celebrities can be very much a topic of discussion of every Filipino household. In fact, they are such a big influence to people that they are a very vital cog during elections as endorsers of political candidates. As an archipelago, politicians rely heavily on media such as radio and TV to introduce them and convey their message across the country to their potential voters that’s why at campaign kick-off in various parts of the country, you can easily think that what we are having are parade of stars due to the abundance of celebrities; ranging from artists to singers and even dancers. Those celebrities and TV personalities endorse politicians through persuasion and using their charisma to influence people. Some also conduct programs where there are singing and dancing portion which resembles TV shows instead. Politics have been a significant part of the society even before the foreign colonialism. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, the Philippines already has an established political system called barangay. Each barangay was ruled by a chief called datu, and in some regions of the archipelago, were called rajah, sultan or hadji. In a sense, each barangay is a state since all four elements of a state are present. Politics evolved and became a significant part of our history. Our government has gone through a lot of changes which led to our present politics and government. Politics is such a significant part of the society for it affects almost everything that happens in our everyday lives. The last presidential election wasn’t one that lacked star quality as different candidates paraded with their celebrity endorsers. An example would be Noynoy Aquino, endorsed by a lot of famous personalities like her sister Kris Aquino, Coco Martin, and Dingdong Dantes to name a few. Considering the fact average Filipinos look more on the personal background, personality, and most importantly popularity of the political candidate rather than analyzing their platforms and previous contributions to the society, the best example being our current president Noynoy Aquino who doesn’t have a very good stint with the senate or any significant contributions to brag about but still won as president, bringing in actors or actresses whom to support these politicians and promote them to the public, their fans, would give potential voters more of a reason to remember them during elections. As a nation known for being emotional, political advertisements are more inclined to touch the people’s emotional sensitivity; an example would be Villar’s catchy song about being from the slums, thus having experienced what our poor countrymen has been experiencing in their lives. The same idea is true with politicians using celebrity endorsement. Celebrities can trigger the emotional attachment of the masses and their loyalty and trust in their favourite celebrities. There...

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