Ch. 10 AP Gov FRQs

Topics: Voting, Election, Elections Pages: 4 (1397 words) Published: January 9, 2014
Ch. 10 FRQs
1. A) The problem with the election in 1800 was that it wasn’t much of an “election” at all. Newspapers, at the time, were mostly partisan, and weren’t concerned with telling the truth all the time. Also, because of their lack in technology, campaigning was almost impossible for presidential candidates, so not much was done to campaign their running of office. Bottom line, there were NO primaries, NO nominating conventions, NO candidate speeches, and NO entourage of reporters. The 1896 election’s main problems came from our precious medals. The Republican’s major issue was to support for the gold standard and high tariffs. It linked money to the scarce amount of gold so debtors never got a break from inflation. The Democrats, on the other hand, had the issue of unlimited coinage of sliver. The issue with the 2000 election was that they overruled the Florida Supreme Court and held that more precise and consistent standards for evaluating ballots would have to be applied to all counties. What came with that, was they also ruled that there wasn’t enough time to recount all the ballots before the electors were to vote, so they never really knew who really won the election, just what the U.S. Supreme Court ruled. B) The public wasn’t very engaged in any of these elections. They had a little part in who won those elections, for various reasons. Technology just wasn’t advanced, policies and natural resources were out of their hand, and recounting the ballots didn’t happen because time didn’t permit. In all these cases, it didn’t come down to what the public wanted, because it couldn’t. 2. A) According to democratic theory, elections help shape public policy and select the policy...
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