Challenges In Managing Multicultural Team

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Multicultural groups offer various favourable circumstances to global organisations, including profound knowledge of distinctive market products, culturally sensitive customer service and 24-hour work shifts (Kristin, 2006). However those preferences may be exceeded by issues coming from cultural contrasts, which can genuinely impede the competence of a group or actually bring it to a stalemate.

Multicultural teams have gotten to be more normal in our organizations, and contemporary universal management literature reveals that the management of multicultural teams is an imperative part of human resource management (Kristin, 2006). Most recent Research have concentrated on the positive effects of utilizing multicultural teams, for instance, Earley and Mosakowski (2000) expressed that multicultural teams are utilized on the grounds that they are seen to surpass monoculture teams, particularly when performance obliges different skills and judgment.

A multicultural team simply refers to a team which consists of individuals form different culture and this takes place now in different working environment (Jackson, 2002). However, there is a huge focus on the significance of multi-cultural teams. This is teams operating between global businesses that could profit from a vast knowledge and understand that different cultures have an impact on the world of trade. As employment of managers has developed to be more universal, the prevalence of multi-cultural teams turns out to be greater hence there is a subsequent need to investigate how these groups function and comprehend their weaknesses and strengths (Aswathappa and Dash, 2008).

Aswathappa and Dash (2008) further mentioned the types of multicultural diversity in teams. The multicultural teams consist of three types. The token, bicultural and the multicultural.

Token Teams

In token teams every member except one originates from the same...
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