Characters Of Platoon Analysis

Topics: Vietnam War, Vietnam, Cold War Pages: 3 (1023 words) Published: February 2, 2014
Characters Of Platoon Analysis

The main character Taylor, on his arrival into the war zone in Vietnam, feels like a lost pup or a newbie, not knowing what to do, how to and when to do. He is basically a naive, idealistic, young man who has dropped out of college to enlist in the military. He is naïve in the sense that he has a very fake sense of chivalry, “why should just the poor kids go to the war and the college kids get away with it,” his chivalry is fake in the sense that it all stemmed from him not wanting “to be a white boy on wall street, [he] just [wants] to be anonymous, [and] like everybody else do [his] share for [his] country”. His naivety is shown by him signing up for infantry and combat even though his parents wanted otherwise as his letter to his grandma stated. “Course Mom and Dad didn’t want me to come, they wanted me to be just like them—respectable, hard-working, making $200 a week, a little house, a family. They drove me crazy with their goddamn world”. Not thinking on why his parents would say no to him going to the war, his father went to war also, there’s no reason for him to not want his son to go, unless he felt it wouldn’t have been a good experience for his son but Taylor doesn’t listen. He wants to be different from parents, to find his own way in life ironically he also joins the army because he wants to “live up to what [his] Grandpa did in the First War and [his] Dad the Second“, according to his letter to his Grandma and also because he is on a path of self discovery, to be a man and to find his purpose in life. He’s done so with the hope of finding himself and what he’s really about, and to discover something he can be proud of: “Maybe I’ve finally found it, way down here in the mud, maybe from down here I can start up again, be something I can be proud of and not have to fake it, be a fake human being, maybe I can see something I don’t yet see, or learn something I don’t yet know.” Chris’ wanting to be a man was what led...
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