childcare leval 2 unit one d1

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Settings for children
Private: A private setting is a service is profit making and is run independently. Statutory: A statutory is a service that has to be available by law. Voluntary: A voluntary setting is a service is provided by an organization which relies on donation from the public. D1 ) Describe the purpose of one setting that is statutory provision for each age? Statutory setting for children aged 3-5 pre-school

A pre-school prepares a child for the next stage of their academic lives. It will help improve their self confidence, enhance their self esteem and expand their imagination through the use of play and drama. They will also develop their thoughts and feeling, as well as form and develop relationships. They follow the early year’s foundation curriculum. Statutory setting for children aged 5-7 key stage one

A primary school teacher will develop and foster appropriate skills and social abilities which enable them to understand and develop a child’s learning according to age and ability. A child will learn basic skills to help learn how to look after themselves. It gives them the basic skills then need for key stage two. d2 ) describe the purpose of one setting that is a different type of provision for each age range Private setting for children aged 0-5 day nursery

A childminder is a person who looks after the child or children of another family.They provide children with pre-school experience such as art, craft and construction activities, sand and water play, adventure play ,music and movement ,books and stories ect. As well as the opportunity to socialize with other children. Private setting for children aged 5-7 child minder

Although everyday will be different a typical day would include Visit’s parks, museums, library and playgroup. They will provide meal’s at meal time to suit dietary needs which allows the child to engage in conversation. Involving them in food preparing, will allow the child to have the necessary skills to look...
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