Children and education

Topics: Learning, Primary education, Language education Pages: 2 (643 words) Published: November 11, 2013
Children’s mind is considered as white sheets, so it is easy for us to write on them as we want. In fact, some experts believe that children should begin to learn foreign language at primary school. In my opinion, there are many advantages to learn a target language as a child. First of all, the most advantage is they can learn a great number of vocabularies. Take my brother an example. He began studying English when he was six years old. Therefore, he knows many thematic vocabularies. Having graduated from high school, he finds it easy to communicate with foreigners by a wide knowledge. Next, learning foreign language as child helps children to imitate rightly pronunciation of native languages. For example, my daughter in grade two learns English two days a week. She often listens to songs and stories by native’s voice. As a result, she can imitate their voice and rhythm to pronounce rightly. Last but not least, another advantage is they can remember the pattern sentences longer. They can practice some patterns by repetition method. In reality, ones are repeated so many times that they remember them deeply, and that helps them to reflect quickly in context communicate.  In brief, with above-mentioned reasons, it is better for children to begin learn foreign language at primary school than at secondary school. They will achieve a wide, strong knowledge as well as their self- confident to enter a bright future.  Learning a foreign language at primary school or secondary school is very necessary for children. However, some people think that it is better for children to begin learning a foreign language at primary school rather than secondary school. There are a lot of controversial opinions about this problem. In my opinion, I agree with this statement because of the following reasons. Firstly, learning a foreign language at primary school helps children develop their skills better. Nowadays, children of all primary shcools in the nation have to study the foreign...
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