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Topics: Love, Film, Iranian films Pages: 2 (374 words) Published: October 17, 2013
Children of Heaven QUIZ-Quiz 4
24 Sept 2010

1.What do you think of the opening sequence of this movie? How does it set the mood? It is a good opening sequence, it is very realistic. A little bit sorrow.

2.Briefly describe the relationship between Ali and Zahra.
Zahra is sister of Ali. They loved each other. They shared one pair of shoes.

3.What did you learn about the quality of life that is common in 20th Century IRAN? Ali's family is having financial trouble, so he fears to tell his parents. The landlord argues with Ali's mother because she is five months behind on the rent, and the grocer has not been paid in a while either. It showed that they were in the poor life.

4.What kind of symbolic importance do SHOES play throughout the film? I think it was an instrumentality of love between these two children. And the tool to the heaven.

5.The pacing of this film, as with many foreign films is SLOWER with less urgency than most American Films, why do you think that is so? The director wanted to be lyric in this film, which name- Children of Heaven- was also filled with love. A light-heart film talk about the daily life.

6.Describe 2-3 elements of the film that you found engaging. a. They devised a scheme to share Ali's sneakers.
b. Ali kept running in the children's footrace even though he fell over himself. c. In the final shot, Ali is shown dipping his blistered feet in a pool.

7.How is this film different from the war/propaganda films? The atmosphere, situation, or relationship of a war film was not relaxed or comfortable. But this film was pretty nice to depiction the story.

8.IF you have seen Turtles can fly already….speak to the way children are used in both films. IF you haven’t, then just speak to the use of children as central characters in this story. How is it more or less engaging because they are children. In Turtles can fly the way children said is like an adult. It is really about the children, who despite...
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