Christian Spanish Theology

Topics: Bible, Trinity, Christianity Pages: 3 (1238 words) Published: December 9, 2011
Luke Savidge
Linda Peacore
Systematic Theology
Manana: Christian Theology From A Hispanic Perspective
Manana: Christian Theology From A Hispanic Perspective examines the basic ideas and concepts of Christian theology through the lens of the Hispanic culture. Justo Gonzalez, who writes the book, is a Cuban immigrant who feels as though the world in which he grew up helps him understand not only the Hispanic culture better, but theology and how it relates to Hispanics. Gonzalez explores different divisions within Christian theology in the book such as Biblical theology, reading the Bible in Spanish, Trinitarian theology, theology of creation, anthropology, Christology, and pneumatology. He draws a great picture and idea of what each of these looks like through the eyes of the Hispanic culture, and gives hope to the Hispanic culture in people hearing and understanding who they are. I thought it was great that Gonzalez started off in the first chapter by stating that he was not writing without a bias, because he understands that with his background and where he came from, it is impossible to look at theology without some sort of bias or opinion. In this chapter, he almost gives an outline of where he wants to go with the book and how he plans to get there. He explains how he intends to show the cultural and religious conflicts found among Hispanics, the relationship of the church and the world, the authority of Scripture, and the use of the Bible to support different injustices. The first chapters are spent dealing with the history of the Hispanics and the church, and talking about how the early church affected where the Hispanic culture was in the 18th and 19th centuries, and how it is affecting them even now, in the 20th century. Gonzalez feels as though how Hispanics are viewed today in the United States is wrong and that it should change. He states that Hispanics have been viewed and called immigrants, and he thinks that they should not be...
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