Christianity and Biblical Christian Worldview

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My World is Your World and Your World is My World


A worldview is how a person or group of people sees the world as a whole. It is how people use their brain to make sense of the world they live in and how they respond to it. How people see the world whether it be good or bad is critical in how they act and live their lives. Individual worldviews make up group worldviews, but each individual has a unique footprint on how they view the world through their personal prescriptive lens. These lenses together form a telescope that helps people see past the images in their mirrors “which may appear closer” than they originally are. Worldviews are only assumptions about life and can easily be influenced or manipulated by worldly forces and stimulants.

II.The Biblical Christian Worldview

The biblical Christian worldview begins with God. The Christian worldview is the way God tells them that it is. It is a framework built by God for Christians to admire and reflect upon. The Christian believes that the origin of man is from God, Genesis 1:1. Man was formed from dust and God breathed life into him, Genesis 2:7. Man’s Identity comes from being made in God’s image and after his likeness, Genesis 1:27. Man is set apart from animals and other organisms of the world, Genesis 1:26. The meaning and purpose of life according to the Christian is to know God and to have a personal relationship with him, John 17:3. He is also called to be fruitful and multiply, Genesis 1:28. Communication with God should be ongoing through prayer and constant acknowledgment of his existence and influence in their lives. Morality is best demonstrated by how Christians treat each other and other people and cultures. Their lives are filtered through God and what His Word calls them to do in response to others. Christians should love one another, John 13:34. By loving one another Christians are set apart, John 13:35. The “Golden Rule” is based on biblical...
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