Cinquain poem

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November 1, 2013
Lap 4 Reflection Essays
1. What is redemptive love? How was Jesus’ suffering and death an act of redemptive love? Redemptive love is the act of redeeming. It is the ultimate kind of love. Jesus’ suffering and death is an act of redemptive love because he redeemed us from our sins. 2. How do we know the Resurrection of Jesus was a real historical event? In what ways does Jesus’ Resurrection also transcend history? The Resurrection is in all four Gospels, so it is cited by four people. The rising of Jesus made the disciples truly believe and gave all people hope for the eternal life with God. The Resurrection is an object of faith.

3. What is the name of one modern day martyr whose life or death you admire? Why do you admire this person? How is this person’s story similar to that of Jesus? How is it different?

A modern day Marty would by Archbishop Romero of El Salvador. He was assassinated in 1980. I admire him because he spoke up for the oppressed. He gave voice to those who couldn’t speak. Jesus helped the poor and the suffering. This is exactly what Romero was trying to do. Unlike Jesus he wasn’t aware that death was upon him at such a young age.

4. Why is Jesus’ Resurrection so significant to the Christian faith? The Resurrection of Jesus is a basis of our faith. It proved that there was and is eternal life for God’s children. It is also an example of God’s loving power.
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