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nvented in 1970, TV now is still the most popular tool to transmit information worldwide. Yet, the reason TV always attracts viewers after such a long time since then is due to its diverse programs. Therefore, TV programs can be classified into 3 categories according to its contents, and three categories can account for positive aspects of TV.

Entertainment is the most favorite for many people. Initially, music channels rather attract people of all ages because music always sends listeners to another world in which they can find truly peaceful moments in life . Another kind of entertainment program is movie. Today, people can enjoy watching all day with so many kind of films such as action films, cartoon, ghost films, romantic films, etc. Obviously, we no need going somewhere else to seek relaxation, but are able to stay at home and enjoy their free time. Generally, entertainment programs always dominates the others because simply they all help viewers relax after a hard day working.

Not as exciting as entertainment, but news always makes up largely viewers on earth. In fact, news provides people with lots of latest information; for instance, politics, economics, society, culture,... which all impact on human's lives. On the other hand, news allows people to catch up with changes of the world or prices on market so that people probably response. Beside, weather broadcasting is an important program providing lattest information about weather condition for which enable people to evoid possible danger. Though news is indispesible for our lives, it contains limited viewers because not all people like watching news, particularly children.

Advertising is a major part when we talk about TV. Obviously, we are all interrupted by various advertisements when we are watching. Today, advertising programs appear greatly on all channels, and they bright producers a huge number of profits. Therefore, we have no way to evoid advertisements but to watch them. 

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