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The Cold War Chinese Perspective

In the Cold War China was the weakest of the big Five. They had the weakest economy, second weakest military, no United Nations seat, and no ability to participate in the Olympics. Several things that happened in the simulation and in the real world kept China in this weak state. Our simulation beginning in the fifties contained many things that actually happened in real life, and many things that did not. Also China started with being involved in 3 wars.

The first thing China did in the simulation was occupied Tibet. We did this to expand China. In real life, this actually happened in October 1950. Why this happened was much of the same reason. Tibet helped China in our simulation by providing an increased amount of money and it played a role in real life. China used Tibet’s people and economy to boost its own. Tibet added a sizeable part of land to China and added some financial aid.

The Korean War was the next thing of importance that happened in the simulation. Communist backed North Korea and the United States backed South Korea. We continued to pump troops into the Korea’s with threats of nuclear power rising from both sides. The War eventually came to blows with each side attempting to crush the other. In both real life and our simulation the border of the Korea’s changed several times and ended with a nuclear threat. However, this war ended in a draw however with the border more or less in the same area. This ended with both Koreas primed to set off in a tension that has lasted to this day. Indochina was the next conflict China focused on. France did not want to relinquish Indochina and China/USSR wanted to claim that area. There were several conflicts that ended when the Battle of Dien Bien Phu were the Communists crushed the French. Although the communists lost a large amount of men the French lost backing of its people in the war. This caused the Geneva conference in which France relinquished its control of its Indochina colonies and the land to be split into North and South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia. Something similar if not close to exact happened in the real world. It was not significant until the war in Vietnam ignited. The Indochina Conflict was one of the staging grounds for the Vietnam War.

Another war that China was involved in was the Malaysian Incident. This war involved China fighting the UK. Although China maintained a strong military presence, bombing from the air force in Australia dwindled our numbers before the British finally crushed the Chinese backed armies. In real life there was also an armistice issued by the government of Malaysia. The terms were as followed: * Those of you who come in and surrender will not be prosecuted for any offence connected with the Emergency, which you have committed under Communist direction, either before this date or in ignorance of this declaration. * You may surrender now and to whom you like including to members of the public. * There will be no general "ceasefire" but the security forces will be on alert to help those who wish to accept this offer and for this purpose local "ceasefire" will be arranged. * The Government will conduct investigations on those who surrender. Those who show that they are genuinely intent to be loyal to the Government of Malaysia and to give up their Communist activities will be helped to regain their normal position in society and be reunited with their families. As regards the remainder, restrictions will have to be placed on their liberty but if any of them wish to go to China, their request will be given due consideration. This amnesty ended after the talks that had been allowed during the peace time failed. This is where the communist armies were crushed. Another war that the Chinese was in co-current to the others was the H.U.K Rebellion in the Philippines. Chinese weapons and munitions supported Philippine rebels. These back rebels attempted to win their...
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