Cold War DBQ

Topics: Cold War, Vietnam War, World War II Pages: 4 (1160 words) Published: April 22, 2015
Samantha Aurelio
31 March 2015
Cold War DBQ

During the time period pertaining to the Cold War, the foreign policies and ideas established by each president remained in effect despite social and political unrest. However, United States’ involvement in the eastern hemisphere, governmental influence in the nation and in the “hot wars”, and presidential diplomacy caused foreign policies and ideas to contain many similarities throughout the duration of the Cold War. Therefore, the United States experienced more continuity in her methods of dealing with the threat of communism.

Although the foreign policies during this time period contained many similarities, the policies and tactics relating to the fight against communism had changed from the commencement of the war. During Truman’s presidency, tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States as the two world powers intensified through the installment of the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan granted financial aid to rebuild Europe and its malnourished people, but withdrew the offer from the USSR (Doc. 1). George F. Kennan proposed the containment policy to halt the spread of communism from the Soviet Union to other nations without advanced military aid and restore the balance of power; however, communism spread to Asian countries in retaliation and the Soviet Union began the nuclear arms race and the space race against the United States, instead of large scale battles. In 1954, Eisenhower cut military spending to focus on other aspects in the nation that required governmental funding, and it remained cut until the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in 1965, when the American government and President Johnson created the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution during the Vietnam War. The United States neglected to aid nations such as Hungary against the communist threat until the Eisenhower Doctrine was adopted in 1957. John Dulles felt that the containment policy was ‘too soft’ and wanted to liberate those who had been...
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