Cold War Interview

Topics: Nuclear weapon, Cold War, Vietnam War Pages: 3 (1056 words) Published: March 11, 2013
May 30, 2012
Block 5
Mrs. Hughes
Cold War
The cold war affected many countries and people. It lasted about 46 years and it had the most casualties. It worried and hurt millions of people world wide. There was so much that happened during the cold war. Throughout the war it seemed that people all around the world were scared for their lives and their families. People that grew up during the cold war grew up around nuclear bomb threats, watching or listening to the news about people talking about all the deaths and terror around them. It was hard to keep children safe and out of the war. Teachers would bring tv’s and radios into the classroom and have them listen to it and watch was happing to the world around them. Children began to be drafted and involuntarily involved in the war at a very young age. The United States and the people involved in the war got taught a lot during this time. It advanced our technology. As the war continued on for 46 years, countries all around the world were competing in the space race. They were sending devices and humans up into space to come up with new technology. Such as computers, TV’s, new weapons, phones and much more was invented that changed the world and how our generation is today. A child born before the cold war grew up in fear, especially because as they grew up they knew people involved in the war and sometimes became a part of the war. Teenagers mostly, and the people with the loudest voice got drafted. Most of the people living during the cold war were against it, especially the Vietnam War which was a huge event in the cold war. Even though it wasn’t declared a war, it was the bloodiest and most gory war and took a huge part in the cold war. It affected many people especially because so many people were being drafted. Some people were sent off to Vietnam and couldn’t do anything about it and some of them never came home. It split families, friends, countries, and governments apart. It changed the ruling of some...
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