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Television’s Affects in Children
Rocio Dieguez
October 9, 2012
Erica Ellsworth

Television’s Affect in Children
The estimated number of TV in homes is 109.6 million. (Parents Television Council, 1998) Many people know days always wonder whether television is bad. As well many have their views in which television is a learning tool or a bad influence for their children. There has been much research, which developed few issues between television and children coming from health issues to being use as a learning skill. As studies are developed there will always be health issues that will affect children that don’t have any physical activity as part of their daily routine. Others have discovered that sometimes watching too much TV can influence in how children’s attitudes and views can be affected. Children as they grow can retain many things which help them learn; as for example using television as a guide. There are many programs that are simply directed in children learning in order to have a better understanding of things. PBS is one of many shows that have been known to invest in children’s learning. Research shows both positive and negative influences on children and television. Television may have effects on children’s health, behavior, and learning regarding how they have activities with or consume television. As one of the issues that affect children because they watch too much television is health wise. The biggest issue that has been targeted the most is children becoming overweight. “The number of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese has doubled in the past 20 years in the U.S. according to the APP. (LimiTV, n.d.) Obesity has become a big factor and one of the reason why is due to children not having physical activity part of their daily routine. Parents sometimes relay in the television to be some sort of a babysitter in case they are trying to finish any tasks they have. Making this caused a neglect of interaction with their children, and increasing the issue for becoming overweight. Becoming over weight there are other issues which includes high blood pressure, heart problems, high cholesterol, depression and low self-esteem. (LimiTV, n.d.) Another reason which affects children, and overweight is all the commercials that are shown during their programming. Some of they are of junk food, McDonalds’, chips and soda, which contributes in the health issue. For example some of the ways that you should be aware of is when children begin to eat in front of the television or snacks don’t want to do any physical activities or like to be alone. Always in courage children to get out of their comfort zone and experience what the world has to offer. As recommended by LimiTV minimize watching television to 1 ½ hours per day, have a healthy diet and have physical activity of at least of 30 minutes a day. (Boyse, 2010) Children health is very important other issue to look out for is ADHD or ADD. “Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a condition that robs children of their ability to focus and pay attention. Kids with ADHD are fidgety and easily distracted. This makes it difficult to stay "on task," whether it's listening to a teacher or finishing a chore.” (Empen, September, 1p) The link between television and ADHD is unclear, but the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests limiting young children's exposure. The group discourages TV viewing for kids under 2 years and recommends no more than two hours a day for older kids. To help your child develop attention skills, encourage activities like games, blocks, puzzles, and reading”. (Empen, September, 15p)There was a study made in April 2004 by Dr Dimitri Christakis and colleagues, people are who found out that watching television at an early age, 1 year trough 5 years, will develop this attention disorder at a later age. Additionally dealing with this disorder is accompanied by medication. One of the most common medications used...

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