Commitment based performance: a case of primary education

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Commitment based performance: a case of primary education

An emergency meeting was called by the CEO Mr. Khan. ZK, MK and HK immediately reported to the call by their father. Entering the board room all three children saw a tensed expression on their fathers face. On settling down in the board room all three children were presented a paper showing an increase in dropout rate of students, and two more resignation letters in the last one month of their well trained permanent staff.

Mr. Khan had just come out from an informal post resignation interview, which was his usual practice, and told his children that despite being the pioneers in school systems in their region they are losing their student body and trained staff that they had invested in for training upon inception. Excellence teachers had no major reason to leave the job except for a Rs.500-800 offered more at one of the major competitors, and that the workload was to much to handle for one teacher in a class.

Mr. Khan transformed his vision onto a living reality on the ground- a living breathing functioning system- Excellence School System. He had put two of his children in the education field so that they could help him out in his dream project of converting his school system into a university. But with decreasing student enrollments and increasing teacher turnover he couldn’t see his child drown away and he does nothing.


Mr and Mrs majeed, founder members of The Excellence School Systems started the school on self owned premises in 1952 with 23 students at initial enrolling and since then it has grown in size of its building, student and teacher population.

In 1960 the school was up graded from primary level to middle level. The school was exempted from the nationalization reforms of 1972. And within a short time the administration was passed on into the hands of their daughter and son in law. Under their management the school expanded itself to incorporate the B.Ed and the M.Ed programs. At present the school has three branches in Bahawalpur, has three buildings in each compound. It also has grounds where children can play cricket, volley ball, football and basketball. There are three computer laboratories which have fifty computers in all. There are four libraries with about 10,000 books in all, and two science laboratories.

Besides the scholastic work, the school appears to take pride in a variety of co-curricular activities such as, early morning assembly, sports, arts and crafts, wood work, debates, speech competitions and poetry competitions, magazine work, quiz competitions, educational trips, a yearly school fair, science and art exhibitions, and project days.

Excellence School System
At the time of this research the school had a student population of 1000 boys and girls, with a total staff of 150 of which majority are female teachers. The students all belonged to a particular community and came from the locality in which the school was situated. The students entered school at age four to class Montessori and left at age 15 after completing class X.

Recently with the increased competition being given to the school by the more schools added to the province catering to the increased population. The school faced a decrease in student enrollments, increase in dropout rate and a high turnover rate prevailing in the region itself. Bahawalpur has in total 2234 registered schools of which majority are 70 % government schools and 30% private school systems that offer o-level facility and the number has increased from 2000-2013.

The school enrollments during the last 6 years have deteriorated and a lot of drop outs during 2000-2012, from 1500-1000 students currently enrolled.

With increased competition the school was to change its matriculation system to O-levels. And for this it needed the infrastructure and funding (already available but left idle), curricula...
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