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The Vietcong gained support in South Vietnam because of the attraction of Communism.’

There are several different reasons to why Vietcong had gained support in South Vietnam, some of these reasons include; the attraction of Communism, winning the hearts and minds of the people, unpopularity of the Diem’s regime, Operation Phoenix and many more.

One of the key explanations as to why the Vietcong gained support was down to the attraction of Communism. The Vietnamese peasant’s lifestyle fitted with the concept of Communism. Communism was all about equality and fairer distribution, since majority of the Vietnamese population were farmers, harvesting was done communally. The people of South Vietnam could easily adapt to the principles of Communism therefore the support for Vietcong increased.

An alternative reason as to why the Vietcong gained support was because of the brutal and corrupt Diem regime. Diem was a Catholic but majority of the Vietnamese population was Buddhist. The Diem regime mistreated the Buddhist; they were not able to freely practice their religion. Many took part in protests and even died as martyrs. The unpopularity of the Diem regime resulted in many South Vietnamese resulting to Vietcong for help.

Another reason for why the Vietcong gained vast support in South Vietnam was due to Operation Phoenix, the CIA interrogated tens of thousands of VC. They used different methods of torture in the hope of neutralizing the NLF. This Operation was unsuccessful because the US was unable to differentiate a Vietcong with a normal Vietnamese civilian. This resulted in innocent Vietnamese suffering from suspicion and brutal torture. This attitude of the Americans led to more Vietcong sympathisers, gaining them support.

Additionally, another reason that gained Vietcong support was their behavior towards the Vietnamese peasants. They were respectful towards all of them and promised them an equal distribution of land. This was appealing to the...
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