Comparative Essay Play School and Hi-5

Topics: Popular culture, Performance, Audience theory Pages: 3 (931 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Comparative Essay
Play School and Hi-5
Sandy Nguyen

Despite all the modern excitements that Network 9’s Hi-5 presents, the traditional and ABC’s Play School offers more for early learners. These two children shows are compared in the features of form, purpose, audience and social context. Hi-5 is contemporary and fast paced reflecting the modern culture whereas Play School maintains a sense of simplicity and the traditional elements which still fulfil the 21st century child. The importance of Hi-5 is to entertain whereas Play School educates effectively. The purpose of the opening credits is to draw out the wanted moods of the audience. Apparently, each calming episode of Play School begins with its symbolic, cheerful tune introducing the familiar characters. The opening animation is set in softer tones which attract an open gender audience with characters inviting them to, “come inside.” This sets up a comforting atmosphere where the children feel valued and safe, allowing learning to take place. Through the opening credits, Play School displays traditional, simple values which emphasize and develop their main purpose of education. Hi-5 is very much concerned with image, consumerism and technology, and as seen in the opening credits, it immediately reinforces the main purpose of entertainment. The vibrant colours which are almost glowing and the coloured patterns, female titled the audience into a state of joy, somewhat reproducing the scene at a disco. The opening credits heavily feature their Hi-5 logo, which in turn is a devious form of product placement. Overall, both shows’ opening credits are shown in a uniquely way. Play School is presented in a calm and a peaceful playful way, whereas, Hi-5 is shown in an upbeat and over exaggerated enjoyable, fun way. Whereas Hi-5’s priority is to create excitement and sell the product through setting and music, Play School’s aim is to provide education in an enjoyable way and helping the children’s...
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