compulsory voting

Topics: Democracy, Voting, Elections Pages: 2 (642 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Savannah Clark
AP Revised Practice Essay

Argumentative Compulsory Voting

My personal experience as a voter has left me feeling indignant and upset, I find myself astonished that nearly a fraction of eligible voters actually cast ballots. What is even more astonishing and shocking is that the turn out for local elections is even smaller. Perhaps the ideal and most efficient way to increase voting is compulsory voting. Compulsory voting will open eyes to what voting can accomplish and achieve for one’s self by requiring all adults in a specified area to vote. I remember as a child listening to my grandparents talk to my mother, explaining to her that she had no right to complain about how the government was being ran because she hadn’t voted that year. This rang true not only to my mother, but to me. Even at a young age I learned, if you see something that needs fixed, you fix it to the best of your abilities. This applies to any issue a person may have with the government. If you disagree with someone or something in our government the first and best place to start is voting. Voting allows your voice, and the voice of the people to be heard. Australia is one of the most economically stable and successful country’s in the world. Also, Australia is one of several other countries that have participated in compulsory voting for all adults in their country. By instating compulsory voting Australia is ensuring that no voice goes unheard. Every citizen’s opinion matters. This creates a healthy bond between common citizens and the government and their officials. Often time’s citizens do not see the significance of voting. They fear their opinion doesn’t matter and they don’t understand the impact that voting can have. Everyone by now has taken a history class or two and knows the sacrifice that was made for our right to vote. This makes it even more absurd that only a fraction of people are casting ballots. We know the things that were done for us so...
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