Compulsory Voting

Topics: Elections, Election, Democracy Pages: 2 (574 words) Published: November 17, 2010
In many countries, at times of national and local elections, often only a small part of the population casts a ballot. In order to address this problematic issue, many governments take the aggressive measure of compulsory voting to constitute more public involvement in politics. Even though the government believes this is going to solve this issue, there are many drawbacks to this approach for example; this method is unconstitutional, citizens lives are jeopardized, and the results of the elections are dangerously compromised.

For example, in the constitution it is established by the Fifthteenth Amendment, that the right to vote is given to every citizen in order to elect representatives in the government. Although voting is a right, is not an obligation. People should not be forced to cast a ballot if they decide not to participate in elections. People have many possible reasons for not voting; they do not approve of the candidates or the campaigns, they are not interested in the election, they assume their vote will not make a difference, or they simply are too ignorant to engage in their own government. Whichever the reason may be, civilians posses the freedom and alternative to not vote. The government should not be authorized to enforce compulsory voting, on basis that this act is unconstitutional.

In some cases, communities that are obligated to vote by their government are placed in dangerous situations and most of the times their lives put at risk. In past Argentinean elections, where compulsory voting is practiced, many criminal organizations intimidate the public in order to make them vote for who the mob wants to. Shifting the government from being controlled by the people, but instead control falls in the inadequate hands of delinquent groups. From this it results in corrupt candidates affiliating with criminal organizations to do their bidding and maneuvering government policies to benefit both parties. Also in the 2008 Zimbabwe presidential...
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