Concept Paper-Out of School Children

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Concept Paper
(Eliminating Illiteracy-Caring for Out-of-School/Vulnerable Children) Introduction 
In Pakistan, over 25 Million children are out of school, therefore it is crucial that all human and material resources are mobilized to bring children in schools. This concept paper is prepared in the context of Planning commission’s vision 2025 to achieve one of its major objectives of building a knowledge society and knowledge economy. Though mainly it is the responsibility of parents to raise, educate and protect their children. But in situations where basic needs are not being met and children become vulnerable, the Government has to step in. This concept paper intends to provide a brief overview of the major problem of out of school children in Pakistan, its causes, impact and strategies to ensure that each child gets its right to education.

Goals and Objectives
To help each out of school child not only to have a right to education but to ensure that each Pakistani child is: In school;
Educated upto secondary level of education.
Provided formal counseling to explore his/her aptitude, make right choice of subjects of study, and enjoy learning and perform well.

Recent data from the Status of Education Report (ASER, 2012) suggests that 23% of rural and 7% of urban children, aged 6-16 years have no access to elementary education and are out of schools, with girls being significantly lagging behind boys in the rural areas. Global Monitoring Report (2012) has rated Pakistan as the second highest amongst the countries with the most out-of-school children. The UNDP’s MDG report suggests that Pakistan will not be able to achieve its education goals until 2015. It is reported that approximately 50% of enrolled children drop out before completing primary education. According to another estimate, 63% of pre-primary age children do not attend school. In Punjab province, pre-primary out-of-school rate is 50% with Baluchistan being on the top...
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