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A male Emperor penguin struggles to keep his egg warm as the harsh, icy, wind blows around him on the vast icy tundra. A group of penguins huddled at his back are struggling to do the same as they wait for their female mates to return from a two month hunting trip. The scene then switches to a news reporter speaking on the issue of North Korea and the recent threats to attack the U.S. with nuclear-tipped missiles. If not through television, how else would a regular person witness the majesty of the emperor penguin on a snowy tundra or learn of the threats coming from North Korea? Not all people have internet, but most do have cable television. Television is more beneficial than harmful in that it offers entertainment and a respite for the everyday hardworking person and a safe way experience certain life situations. Television is educational, circulates information, and provides relaxation. The first reason television is beneficial is because it can be educational. Children’s shows today prove statement. For example, shows like Dora the Explorer and Ni Hao Kai-Lan are teaching the younger generation new foreign languages such as Spanish and Chinese. From my own personal experience working at a pediatrician’s office where the television was constantly playing shows like Ni Hao Kai-Lan and from sitting there with it playing in the background for so long, I ended up learning a lot of words in Mandarin and I wasn’t even paying attention. How much more can children learn when they actually are interested and watching? In addition to teaching younger children other languages shows like Sesame Street, teach children the basics in our own English language, colors and letters. In fact, most cartoon shows provide “life lessons” through their stories varying from “don’t lie” to teaching a child the value of friends and family. Another great example is the show Wishbone. This show gets children familiar with famous literature or folklore. Wishbone was a television show...

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