Contemporary Media's Representation of Philosophies, Ideologies, and Theories

Topics: Election, Airline, United States Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: August 25, 2012
Media writers have a profound impact on society. They influence the ways in which people think and behave. Teenagers are especially susceptible this kind of influence, as they are struggling to define their identities. Without realizing it, their opinions come to be influenced by the media around them. The clothes they wear, the music they listen to and the activities they are involved with are all influenced by the powerful advertisements and messages from the media. Over time they are inundated with advertisements that can alter the way they think about themselves and others. Commercials and movies that display all women as thin and beautiful can seriously alter the way young, impressionable minds judge others.  

The media can have profound impacts on the decisions we make every day. Take, for example, the media coverage surrounding the 2008 elections. The information received regarding election developments depended on which news station one was watching. CNN is traditionally associated with liberalism, while FOX News is associated with conservatism. Voters could have been swayed by the views expressed on either of these news channels and could have voted accordingly.

Another great example of how the media has influenced society is the advertisements displayed after the tragedy of 9/11. Many major companies in the automotive industry and the airline industry urged buyers to strengthen America by consuming. Their commercials reflected an image of America that was not weak and could stand up to its adversaries. By using pathos to appeal to consumers, media writers convinced Americans that they need to buy products, and Americans complied.
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