Contemporary Organization Behavior: IBM'S Multicultural Multinational Teams

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Case assignment
Contemporary Organization behavior
IBM’S Multicultural Multinational Teams

IBM’S Multicultural Multinational Teams

If you calculate the person-hours devoted to IBM’s team projects, they amount to more than 180,000 hours of management time each year. Do you think this is a wise investment of IBM’s human resources? Why or why not?

Answer: Yes,The amount of hours IBM commits to Management time for team tasks is a magnificent thought and has demonstrated to the business sector how well groups can change an association to improve things. Team projects takes a great deal of work with various individuals, yet it requires those diverse individuals to perform the undertaking that is given. The HR at IBM have settled on an extremely wise choice in giving such a variety of hours to group ventures. The groups IBM sends directs acquires new customers as well as expands the potentially of new customers through helping associations. By thusly IBM is setting up an extremely solid and broadened group which can overthrow up with any society and take the necessary steps successfully.

There are a few advantages of this system as takes after: •

1)IBM will get an issue solver and descriptive driving force.

2)IBMers will have the ability to cooperate all around and unstable to social benchmarks and practices.

3)This framework is a maker of shared trust and understanding to achieve shared results

4)Savvy (reasonable information and Capacity) about individual associations

5)This gathering help a group to give viability.

2. Why do you think IBM’s culture changed from formal, stable, and individualistic to informal, impermanent, and team-oriented?

Answer:As specified for the situation that prior IBM was celebrated for its composed and unwritten rules, for example, its no-layoff policy, its focus on individual promotions and accomplishment, the expectation...
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