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Topics: Truth, Gospel, New Testament Pages: 2 (445 words) Published: January 18, 2014
YISS - Christian Theology 1 - Mr. Franck
The Truth Project:
What Is Truth?
Please complete the following questions as you watch this portion of this series. This will take the place of GGD04, and will be worth 3%.  When you are done, please attach it to an email in typical form.  Call this assignment “Theo1.C.Truth.Name.docx”, and send it to me. 1.  Why did Jesus come into the world, and why was He born, according to John?

Jesus came into the world and he was born to testify to the truth.

2.  How many times does Jesus mention the truth in the Gospels, and how many times does He say “Verily, Verily, I say unto you” in the Gospel of John?

75 times he mentions truth, 25 times he mentions “Verily, verily, I say onto you”   3.  What do many people in today’s world think truth is?

Instead of believing in the truth, people would distort and substitute it with a myth.

4.  What does this presentation say the “Cosmic Battle” is, and what three aspects of life are our common enemy? Truth (Reality) vs Falsehood (Illusion)  

- The Devil
- The World
- The Flesh

5.  What does Webster’s dictionary, and several philosophers say is a common element of truth? Reality and of accordance with the Scriptures.
Truth is what God fundamentally is in order for us to have a reference point of what is and is not true. 6.  What did you find interesting about Satan’s discussion with God as creation was being made?

I found it interesting how Satan was completely unable to comprehend God’s purpose of the men. Satan did not understand what free will was and thus deeply intrigued by the creation of humans. I believe that I cannot comprehend the importance and novelty the free will that we have us before our Creation. And because we have all lived and grown up being able to make our free choices, I believe that it is pretty hard for us to imagine what Satan was going through when he tried comprehending about us having free will and choice without any...
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