Count of Monte Cristo

Topics: New Testament, Bible, Morality Pages: 1 (343 words) Published: February 20, 2006
The Count of Monte Cristo put forth several world views, spanning from prejudice, to the role wealth can play in social classes. The Count of Monte Cristo, started out as a sailor who lacked the money that his best friends family had. The count had something his friend didn't though and that made his friend unhappy. The Count, was happy and had found love making his rich friend mad because money, he thought, was supposed to make people happy. Crooked politicians make an appearance in the film as well, as they manage to put the count in jail wrongfully.

The moral issues presented in the film were quite simply write and wrong. Is it morally acceptable to kill someone in vengeance? Is it morally acceptable to seek vengeance? If I stand back and look at the situation from a biblical standpoint, the new testament anyway, the count should have forgiven his enemies to seek the rewards of heaven. It would take a much greater individual then I to accomplish such a challenge that the bible presents, given this situation. If I look at the situation from how modern society views things, the count would have been a hero to the majority of people.

One of the biggest points in the film is the issue of justice and revenge. The film said a lot on the topic. The priest and the wall said "God will give me justice" but the count refused to believe in God. The count knew in his heart that he had to seek his revenge in order to receive his justice. Although after accomplishing what he did, he realized that God must have helped him.

The film was intriguing and took some interesting turns. I thought it was a great story, and it goes along with standing up for what you believe in. Life has ups and downs, though his were a bit extreme, and people cannot let themselves get too down. The film also told me to never give up when something means that much to me.
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