Course Syllabus Business Organization and Management

Topics: Management, Case study, Grade Pages: 4 (919 words) Published: June 22, 2015

Course Number / Title: MGT 210 – Business Organization and Management Schedule: T/TH 4:10PM – 5:30PM Classroom: C306 Professor: Jaime S.C. Lizada

A. Course Description

The objective of the course is to provide a basic understanding of Management principles. The course will cover multiple areas of management from its history and conception to modern concepts such as ethics, motivation, etc. The course will be heavy on case analyses and group works to immerse the students in the corporate setting.

B. Evaluation System

Class Participation
Class Activities/Homework
Group Papers / Presentations

Class Participation – Based solely on participation during class lectures and case studies. This will be curved accordingly based on the person with the highest participation points.

Quizzes – This will be based on an individual’s performance in quizzes given during class.

Class Activities/HW – This will be based on class activities and homework given to individuals and groups.

Group Papers / Presentations – Group presentation grades will be based on case study paper and/or presentations.

Groups will pass peer evaluations at the end of each activity to determine the grades each team member will receive. Those at the bottom of the ranking will get half a grade or full grade lower than the received mark depending on the ranking. Meanwhile, those at the top of the ranking will get a half grade or full grade higher. Peer evaluations are strictly confidential and will be sent via email to the professor for tallying.

Other Important Details:
There will be no prelim, midterm and final exams for this course. Instead of having exams, the course will be heavy on case analyses (individual papers, group papers and/or presentations).

Grading for this course will not follow the prelim, midterm, final averaging system (Prelim + Midterm + Final / 3). Your entire performance...
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