Critical Analysis

Topics: Bible, Christianity, Jesus Pages: 2 (853 words) Published: August 19, 2010
Critical Analysis
In this essay you will read my answers to the following questions, 1. Where in Beowulf do you see instances of syncretism between Angelo-Saxon paganism and Christianity, examples, and how well I think these combinations work? 2. Explanation of my reaction to the way that the cross was used in “The Dream of the Rood”, are any of the aspects of this personification troubling or especially effective, examples of instances that make an impression on me and the reasons for my actions.

In Beowulf one place that I seen the instances of Anglo-Saxon paganism and Christianity is the burial scene. For example, Then the people of the Geats made ready for him a funeral pyre on the earth, no small one, hung with helmets, battle-shields, bright mail-shirts, just as he had asked. Then in the midst they laid the great prince, lamenting their hero, their beloved lord. Then warriors began to awaken on the barrow the greatest of funeral-fires; the wood-smoke climbed, black over the fire; the roaring flame mixed with weeping -- the wind-surge died down -- until it had broken the bone-house, hot at its heart. Sad in spirit they lamented their heart-care, the death of their liege lord. And the Geatish woman, wavy-haired, sang a sorrowful song about Beowulf . . . . [They] surrounded the remains of the fire with a wall, the most splendid that men might devise. In the barrow they placed rings and jewels . . . . They let the earth hold the wealth of earls, gold in the ground, where now it still dwells . . . . Then the brave in battle rode round the mound . . . bewail[ing] their sorrow and mourn[ing] their king, recit[ing] dirges and speak[ing] of the man. They praised his great deeds and his acts of courage, judged well of his prowess . . . . They said that he was of world-kings the . . . most eager for fame. (Greenblatt, 94). How can say there is not any Christianity without the presence of Christ. There were Christians of the first century A.D. and the New...
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